Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fix Problem After Resetting Canon Pixma iP1700

After a few day expreiment with my canon Pixma iP1700, I find two problem often happened when resetting the printer. First case, My Canon pixma Pixma ip1700 becoming Canon Pixma ip1300 after resetting the eeprom, second case, cartridge not recognize after resetting the counter then the led blinking 5X orange and 1X green..

1. My Canon pixma ip1700 becoming ip1300
My Canon Pixma iP1700 becoming canon Pixma iP1300, this problem happened after resetting the eeprom of Canon iP1700 using iPtool. The solutions for this problem :

  • Install driver for canon iP1300, you can download the driver in the canon website.
  • Now run iPtool software, auto recognize as Canon Pixma iP1300
  • In the change model set the printer to iP1700.
  • In the EEPROM Operations click reset button. Turn off the printer and turn on again, the problem solved now your Canon printer becoming Canon Pixma iP 1700 again.
2. Blinking orange 5x and green 1x and the color/black cartridge not recognized
This problem appear after several times reset ink level the cartridge. If this reset methode does not work to solve the problem. I get this solution after several times try resetting using various combinations button. Solutions for the problem are:
  • Start with printer off
  • Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  • Keep holding down Power button and press Resume 2 times, then press and hold the resume button, release power button.
  • Green lights will flash and then stop blinking (Keep hold the resume button).
  • When green lights are solid, release resume button and press again the Resume button 4 times.
  • Don’t switch of the printer (because if your trun off and turn on again the printer the problem still appear), Now reset the counter and EEPROM canon iP1700 using iPTool software (recommended).
  • Turn off and turn on again the printer, the printer should respond as normal. In my Canon iP1700 problem solved.


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