Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Reset Canon iP1880, IP 1100, iP1800 and iP2500 series

This tutorial solutions to reset canon iP 1880 or canon iP1800 series and work also in canon pixma iP1100, canon pixma iP2500. before reset using general tools you must reset the printer hardware. This way cannot to change ink level status canon pixma iP1880. following tutorial and software resetter to reset Canon Pixma iP1880.

Step 1: Reset hardware

  1. Press Resume button hold for 1 – 2 minutes
  2. Open the cover
  3. Release the catridge and then put catridge again
  4. Close The Cover
  5. Turn Off
  6. Then Turn On again

Step 2: Reset Software using general tools
  • Download software resetter or general tools for canon pixma iP1880
  • Driver should have been install correcly.
  • Connect USB cable.
  • Before connect power, press and hold power button then connect the power.
  • At the same time Hold power button, and press reject button for 2 times then release power button.
  • Run software resetter for canon iP1880.
  • Don’t forget to open lock release in the software. ( note : to view locK release menu, min resolution 1024 x 728)
  • Then select Set Destination to iP1880
  • Click MAIN and PLATEN
  • Finally test print by click TEST PATTERN1.

Note : for permanent reset waste ink canon iP1880 Printers pls, resetting use software resetter. Above way can be used at canon IP 1100, iP1800 and iP2500 series

service tool for Canon iP1880


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