Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Reset Counter Canon iP1500 and iP1000

Reset canon pixma ip 1000 is equal to resetting canon ip1500.but used resetter differ. Process to reset both printer is same. Way able to be used to reset canon pixma ip1000 and ip1500 there are two steps. Before resetting canon pixma ip1000 and ip1500 the printer have to steps into service mode. Following its way to reset canon pixma ip1000 and ip1500 printers :

Steps 1: Enter to Service mode

  • Unplug power cable and USB cable.
  • Open front case of printer and then press and hold power button.
  • Connected cable power to elecric source then close printer cover and then release power button.
  • Tide USB cable to computer.
Steps 2 : Reset Waste Ink Counter
  • Download software resetter / general tools for Canon Pixma IP1000 and canon pixma IP1500. Dowmload both of software from download link above.
  • Run the software and select printer from USB port.
  • Click the iP100 button for canon iP1000 In the SET DESTINATION sections and the printer should be reset.
  • For Canon iP1500 select printer type in the set destination sections and then click main and platen button in the waste ink counter section to reset counter the printer.
  • After resetting the printer turn off the printer and turn on again. To ascertain the printer have normal, use to print.
General tools or software resetter for canon pixma iP1500 and canon pixma ip1000 download from these link:

iP1500 Service | iP1000 Service


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